Frequently Asked Questions


We do our best to avoid the Bermuda Triangle so orders don't go missing! Just kidding. If you're looking to track your item, it may be coming from an international warehouse. In an effort to save you the trouble of hunting down the correct website in the correct country to track your order, we've integrated an international logistics tracking system right here on our website!

First identify your order ID # by looking at your order or shipping confirmation email:

Then head over to our website, , and look for the "Order Status" tab on the navigation bar.

Input your order ID# and the email associated with the order here:

Once you input the correct information, you will see a history of all the updates pertaining to your shipment! From the warehouse to your doorstep!

At the moment we're a small team of passionate people (and some elves) working on high volumes of orders. Due to high demand, please expect to receive your package between 2-4 weeks upon receiving your shipping confirmation email.

We work diligently in processing your orders with our warehouses and work alongside shippers to get your packages out to you as soon as possible.


Our fulfillment center is based in Orlando, FL in the good ole' USA, but depending on your order it may come from one of our many warehouses around the world.

These warehouses are located in: China, USA, France, UK, Spain.

All packages entering the country internationally are subject to inspection by your national customs office. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the speed at which your customs inspect products. External situations may cause a delay of up to 2 weeks in some cases until packages are cleared for shipment.

We suggest contacting your local postage system to check the status of your order using the tracking number found in your product tracking page!


Oh no! We're so sorry that happened. As per our refund policy , we will absolutely refund your order if it arrived damaged/defective or did not arrive within 4 weeks from your shipping confirmation email. 

Please note, we cannot offer a refund for products delayed by customs clearance. If your product has arrived in your country, but has been delayed by customs please contact your local postage system for additional information on expediting shipment.

Here's our refund process:

1. Email with your name, order # (found on your order confirmation email) and state the reason for your refund request.

2. If your item arrived damaged/defective, please include proof by attaching a photo of the item. 

3. If the item has not arrived, we will investigate further with tracking to determine the whereabouts of your package. We will offer a partial refund for late deliveries past 1 week of the expected arrival date, or full refunds if the item is deemed to be lost in the mail.

4. Refunds issued will be posted your account within 3-4 business days.

For damaged/defective items:

1. If you'd like to exchange the item, we will provide you with the shipping address to mail your defective item. Please do not send back to manufacturer. Shipping costs at buyer's expense. We will then ship you a replacement, at no cost to you, upon the receipt of the defective item.

2. If you'd like to request a full refund, we will provide you with the shipping address to mail your defective item. Please do not send back to manufacturer. If damage/defect is deemed minor or cosmetic, we will provide shipping address to ship the item back to us at buyer's expense. Once we have received the item, we will issue a full refund. If defect/damage is beyond repair, we will provide a full refund. 

Please note: The condition of items and the way in which they are packed are documented prior to shipping. We work on an honor system with you, please do the same with us! 

Change of heart? We've been there! If you are able to communicate with us your order cancellation prior to our warehouses shipping out your package, we will certainly issue a full refund. 

If your item has been shipped and is in transit, unfortunately we cannot issue you a refund unless your item falls under certain conditions cited in our refund policy .


Are any of us real? *woah dude*

Absolutely! We are an officially registered business with the state of Florida in the United States. We began with a small team of people (some elves) who are passionate about inspiring others to create great content online. Our core belief is that all of us are influencers, no matter how big or small, and all of us can make an impact in the lives of at least one other person around us. We're just here to give you the tools and accessories to look great while you crush those goals!