7 Tips to Better Social

Congratulations! If you're reading this, it's because you have decided to take your social media presence seriously. Like anything in life, true change can only be made with passion and dedication and you're already showing signs of this. 

Here at eFLUENCE, we strive to push influencers to be the greatest versions of themselves by equipping them with the right tools and the right knowledge to take their digital presence to the next level. 

Sound like you? Then here are some of our favorite tips for a better social presence:

1. Get Organized

Always prioritize fun in your social media strategy. If it's not fun for you, what's the point? However, if you want to take your social presence to the next level, it is absolutely necessary to get organized. You'll find yourself a lot less stressed out when you organize your time and content. Take a day or two out of the month to plan out your content. Write out ideas, create content, and gather all your information in one fell swoop and use services like HooteSuite, Buffer, or Later to plan out your posts in advance. Planning out an entire week, or even month, in advance opens up your time to create bigger and better content.

2. Collaborate

Inside each and every person is something unique that sets them apart from everyone else, imagine bringing together that creative power! Don't be afraid to collaborate with others and join resources and creative forces. More often than not, the outcome is better than anything expected.

3. Find your Niche

What are you good at? What's your area of expertise? Are you a techie, a makeup artist, a fashionista, a globe-trotter -- show us what you got! People follow and like those who they can relate with and those who show passion and knowledge for their own interests. Never try to be someone you're not, be yourself and you'll organically grow the right following.

4. Build Brand "YOU"

If you truly want to build a strong digital presence, look at it from a business perspective. You know those yellow golden arches backed by a red background? It doesn't take much speculation to guess that I'm talking about McDonald's -- that is the power of true branding. Look at yourself as a business and a brand. Build up a style, taglines, or logos that represent your channels, and act accordingly to your brand -- on and offline -- so that one day people will remember your brand by how it made them feel. That is the power of great branding. Note, this is why it is super important to be yourself, creating a brand contrary to who you are will only ever be an added stress in your life.

5. Keep up with the Trends

Stay in-tune with everything going on around you. Get inspired by current events, current fashion, fads, pop culture, art, and music. Adaptability to the times will carry you through your journey as an influencer and place you at top-of-mind for this generation and the ones to come.

6. Be Mindful of the Algorithms

If you've been a long-time user of platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you know there's been huge changes introduced every few years. Many influencers out there will testify to the time their engagement dropped from 400 likes a post (for smaller influencers) to 30-40. This was due to the ever-changing algorithms. Algorithms are computer computations that direct the social media system in matters of how to behave, i.e. the system might behave as, "this person posts often, and gets plenty of engagement, so let's place him at the top of the feed more often." Look up the discussions made by professional marketers online to find out the latest on how the algorithms might be behaving. This could help you form a strategy to reach more people and increase your following.

6. Upgrade your Arsenal

We encourage content creation with whatever resources you have on hand, but we understand that at one point you may want to take your social media to the next level. It isn't necessary to buy equipment all at once (although that would be great if you're able), think about purchasing your tools little by little. The production trifecta? Camera, lighting, and audio. Although smartphones have advanced to insurmountable heights when it comes to camera quality, consider investing in a DSLR camera. As for lighting, don't depend on the weather or your home's floor plan to determine when you can and cannot shoot. Consider investing in lighting equipment made specifically for video and photography -- you'll add immense production value to your content. Lastly, everyone hates watching videos with muffled voices and noisy backgrounds. Audio equipment can solve these dilemmas with high tech solutions to capture crisp sounds, and here at eFLUENCE we offer some at super affordable prices.

Check out our Collections of equipment and see how you can upgrade!


Remember, everyone's path is different. Never compare yours to others'. While you walk through your path, we absolutely believe in your potential which is why we started eFLUENCE in the first place! Always feel free to reach out to us and let us help make your content as amazing as you are.