Influence in Times of Need


It's on all our social platforms and conversations, the COVID-19 virus has gone beyond the physical and has infected our very conversations and way of life. Here at eFLUENCE we've given our team the orders to work from home and are coordinating with our shipping partners to make sure everything continues to function in the safest way possible. 

It's in times like these that influencers need to shine more than ever! We've seen how serious things can get in places like China and Italy, and with serious epidemics, it is always certain that jokes will be made online. Be the difference. In order to curb the spread and transmission of this disease, we all need to work together in taking things seriously. 

It's up to you as an influencer to portray to your followers, no matter how large or small, the seriousness of this epidemic and continue to give them the tools and valuable content needed to navigate through it. Most importantly -- give them hope and encouragement! 

We believe in you, Influencers! We believe in the power you have to create positive change. Let this small bump in the history of our world be another milestone in your journey to a world-changing influencer brand and please let us know if there is any way we can help.