Someone who affects or changes the way other people behave.


eFLUENCE was created with the influencer in mind. We were tired of seeing dreams of being an influencer being shot down by those who don't quite truly understand the power of social media -- so we aim to do our part in changing that narrative. We believe that no matter your clout, your social following, or your interests, anyone can be an influencer. Being an influencer means putting yourself out there, sharing your beliefs and interests with the world, in the hope that you'll have an impact on at least one other life. We are confident that one person can change the world when their goal is to do it by impacting one person's world at a time. That being said, we're here to make you look great doing it through the tools necessary for creating next-level content. So get out there and influence -- welcome to the eFLUENCE family!